7 Good Habits To Develop A Healthy Lifestyle

breakfast-1232620_640You just got back from a fast-food lunch…again. You say that you want to get in better shape and begin your amazing journey into having Ryan Reynold’s washboard abs or Megan Fox’s tone…but you put it off…again. Let’s get real, this is not going to happen overnight and it usually takes months of committment and discipline to reach and maintain a lean and muscular physique. The good news is that there are some easy habits that can help you develop a lifetime of health and wellness.

  1. Begin with small goals

Instead of going for one big weight loss goal, break it down to smaller ones – I go with bi-weekly. Log your progress to stay on track.

  1. Pack up lunch

Not only will you save money, but you will also have a better chance of turning down the temptation of fresh grease at the golden arches. Prepare each lunch the night before with lean meats such as poultry, fish and whole wheat breads and pastas. Also, drink lots of water and stay away from sugary drinks like soda. Oh, and don’t forget to include at least 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of veggies.

  1. Sweat it out for 30 minutes

At least 30 minutes of a moderately intense workout five days each week can yield noticeable results over time. Health benefits also include lower stress levels, a sharper brain, a healthier heart and lower cancer risk. If the gym is not your scene, a simple bench and a few sets of dumbbells can target all key muscle groups.

  1. Pick a good time to workout and stay consistent

Choose a specific time to workout at least 4-5 times a week and stick with it. You will be more likely to develop a good, consistent habit.

  1. Get a motivated workout buddy

Having a workout buddy can help keep both of you in check and can also make the workout more enjoyable. Take pictures of yourselves before you begin and log your progress.

  1. Reward yourself

Reward yourself for staying consistent by giving yourself a cheat day every week. Just make sure you don’t cheat too much!

  1. Sleep at least 7-8 hours every night

Last, but not least, it is time to reap the rewards from all of your efforts. Sleep is the time that muscles grow and repair, so by staying up too late and not getting adequate rest, you are preventing your body from cutting fat and building muscle.

Consistency is the key to long-term health and wellness.  What are some ways you will maintain your fitness goals for the rest of the summer?

2 thoughts on “7 Good Habits To Develop A Healthy Lifestyle

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